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Applications for AI, Products & Services.

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Create customer experiences that help improve the product or services along with selling.

From online configurators to virtual showrooms, with Interactive Entertainment Studios you can create unique, rich, interactive and immersive experiences that increase feelings of ownership and attachment in the buying process, resulting in increased sales.

Marketing: VR has opened up possibilities for customers to experience products remotely. By transporting users into a self-contained virtual world, virtual reality headsets can capture the imagination like no other technology. It can be a crucial differentiator in terms of building customer trust in the product and checking that it’s fit for purpose.

Sales & Analysis: The journey of a customer from initial attention (A) of a product or service, through to interest (I), desire (D), and action (A). The AIDA model is a useful way of grouping together consumers in relation to a ‘conversion’ or ‘sale’ and helps to direct marketing activity. These aspects can be tracked live and build a report of how the virtual store is performing online for better iteration.

In IES we built many unique digital products and applications for businesses. Here are some of the most unique ones which solved major problems in time, cost and efficiency.

Apparel Rendering Application.

The traditional process or pipeline for making CGI/3D product visualizations for E-commerce gets expensive and time-consuming.

In IES our aim for this project was to bypass high volume product photography, intensive logistics, time-consuming iterations, manpower & skill dependency. Solution: We made this application that can produce unlimited combinations of different

textiles, styles and categories of apparel each up to 6000 resolution in 1 Sec from the cloud. This app has useful filters and parameters to customize, track the batch rendered database and many more. Easy and flexible enough to be used on-the-go and in optimum level for maximum ROI.

This is the result (Originals are rendered of 6000 resolution in 1 sec each).

Watch this application in action.


Sign Language application.

Our client from Israel wanted a solution for their AI machine learning database for MR sign language application. The problem was gathering the high volume of extensive variations of hand image photographs with different lighting conditions for the AI to learn and develop accuracy.

Solution: We created this tool to modify and batch render images of hands in front of different backgrounds with automated lighting variations using AI. The app has the ability to create different sign gestures, skins, body types, load different types of images & adjust the lighting to mix. In custom mode, multiple Hand Gestures and Image Settings can be created, saved, loaded for future use and backtrack. Result: Our client was really pleased with the unlimited amount of image database with metadata and other file formats to help computer vision.

Watch this application in action.


Kitchen Designer (MVP).

Design a kitchen from scratch with options to add and edit kitchen walls & cabinets based on user input values. Unique Camera Controls along with options to save & open the project. The output file is used in a physical Cabinet Cutter Application for accuracy of dimensions.

Watch this application in action.


I hope this article of our services would help you to assess our experience of uniqueness. Feel free to contact us for a quotation or for more information.

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