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Updated: Jul 6, 2020


Who we are: ArchVTech is another wing of Interactive Entertainment Studios since 2017 based in Israel. We aim to provide a next-generation visual production service that aims at recreating the architecture into an immersive and interactive virtual experience. We believe in empowering the buyer by making them experience the future of their living space and help them make an informed decision. Create unique, rich, interactive and immersive experiences that increase feelings of ownership and attachment in the buying process, resulting in increased sales.

Our Mission: Our goal is to revolutionize the real estate marketing techniques using new-age technologies and visualizations.

Using a perfect amalgamation of skill and technology we offer you an innovative solution combining photorealistic visualization, to showcase your real estate projects.

Check out this explainer video below to know more.


Our Services: We have a wide range of services to offer to ensure that we provide you the perfect ONE-PIT stop for all your architectural and real estate marketing needs.

3D Architectural Visualization: Our photorealistic visualization services are designed to give a boost to your sales efforts in the pre-construction phase.

Check out our Photorealistic Renders below.


Real Estate Virtual Tours: Addressing the Post COVID era where any social gathering is prohibited to view sample apartments. Our Real Estate Virtual Tour services generate more quality sales leads without the sample apartment overhead cost or any restrictions.

With growing digital marketing efforts Real estate businesses need modern visualization solutions to reduce the lead time for sales kick-off. 360° Virtual Tours helps you visualize your show home or office spaces and showcase it to your potential customers boosting your sales before the project is physically ready.

Don't just show mere still/video renders for your projects now! Explore the power of 360° Virtual Tours.

Key Features:

  1. Photo-realistic visualization to add realism to your virtual world.

  2. Interactive Floor plan, Map & Buildings.

  3. Interactive Key Selling Features/Amenity highlights.

  4. Branding of the Project.

  5. Up to 16K resolution visualization quality.

  6. VR enabled tour.


  1. Showcase your project anytime, anywhere on the go.

  2. Ease of use and compatible with any digital viewing device (Smart Television, Computers, Smart Tablets, Smart Phones).

  3. Internet browser-based tech that requires no downloads, no plug-ins and no maintenance.

  4. Maximum market penetration and fastest sales conversion.

  5. Market real estate projects before and after the show apartment/villa are physically ready.

  6. Interactive tour with auto tour option.

  7. Easy attachment on any website.

  8. Custom QR Codes with Geo-analytics for printed hard copies.

  9. Performance Analytical Reports for maximum ROI.

  10. Sales Lead Generation.

Check out this demo video below.


Video Brochures: Break the monotony of reading e-brochures and drive your sales promotion with a premium presentation, maximum customer engagement with the highest market penetration. ArchVTech video brochure helps you re-create your brochure in all-new and engaging sales-specific videos. While traditional brochures have a higher cost per customer and less market penetration, video brochure helps you eliminate these obstacles.

Go paperless, Go green and Go digital with ArchVTech Video Brochure.

Key Features:

  1. Shareable format compatible with any social media platform and instant messaging such as WhatsApp etc.

  2. Premium presentations in Full HD.

  3. Wide range of styles to choose from.


  1. Showcase actual show flat views and project views.

  2. Reduce your cost of hard copy brochures.

  3. Exclusive presentations to ensure premium and quality viewing experience.

  4. Excellent for social media promotion.

Check out these video brochure examples below.


Virtual Miniature Models: We new-age technologies to bypass the restrictions of COVID 19 for Real Estate sales. We build Virtual Miniature Models for Real Estate with Augmented Reality (AR) technology to showcase your project on-the-go.

Check out this video below.


Fully Interactive Property Customizer: Reduce the time of consultation and empower your customers to customize & experiment personalized design ideas for their home for well informed customized choices.



"Extremely satisfied with the service. I applaud the efforts put in for developing such an innovative viewer and introducing creative marketing tools like the promotional video brochures. I would like to thank you for the quality of service and support."

-Mercury Artharaj Landmarks (India)

"The quality of work and adherence to the delivery schedule of your team is impressive. Thank you for your cooperation and timely execution of our project."

-Blue Sky Group (Israel)


I hope this article of our services would help you with Post COVID Era for Real-Estate sales and Marketing. Feel free to contact us for a quotation or for more information.

Take Care & Stay Safe,

Saswata Datta

Founder | CEO | Creative Director

Interactive Entertainment Studios


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